SOLIDARITY: Week 3 of CCTA Bus Drivers Strike

Week #3 of the CCTA Bus Drivers Strike

ACTION ALERT: CCTA Board of Commissioners Meeting
TOMORROW! Monday 7:30 a.m., O'Brien Community Center, 32 Mallets Bay Ave., Winooski.

The CCTA Board of Commissioners would like to hear from us. We need everyone to come out and tell them which side you're on. Join us Monday morning to call out CCTA management for its violations of public safety and workers' rights. They have held our community hostage by playing games with our striking drivers.

* Stop Predatory Management: The countless stories from drivers of harassment from management was what stopped the Burlington City Council from calling for binding arbitration in the strike, and it's why the community stands firmly behind the drivers in their struggle for a fair contract

* Give the Drivers What They Demand: Only the drivers know how hard their jobs are and what they need to do them well; listen to them and respect their wishes for safe and fair working conditions.

* Clean House in CCTA Management: Enough is enough. Anyone who has listened to the drivers' stories knows it's not just one disgruntled worker: the drivers voted unanimously to strike in large part due to Management's constant harassment. We need a new management team at CCTA that will respect and listen to our drivers.

Please set your alarms and come out early tomorrow to deliver this urgent message: Don't Let CCTA Management Hold Our Community Hostage!

Also this week:

Invite a Driver
Do you know five or more people who want to learn more about the driver’s strike and who want to talk with a driver about dignity at work and safety at CCTA? Is there a group you know where a driver could come talk about why they are on strike and how to fix the problems at CCTA? Can you help with community outreach? Do you have ideas on where we can set up a meeting. If your answer to any of these questions is YES, contact the Committee to Support CCTA Drivers at 802-373-0329.

Community leafleting
Starting Tuesday through the weekend we want to make sure the public knows the real story of what the bus drivers’ seek (safe scheduling, humane work environment) v. what management wants (to replace full-time jobs with part-time work, using inhuman schedules to get there). To help contact

Save the date: Thursday Community Picket and Rally to tell CCTA Management: Stop Holding Our Community Hostage! 5:00 pm Church and Cherry streets.

Check out the CCTA Bus Drivers web page:
The Committee to Support the CCTA Drivers:
Check out this article: "CCTA drivers find support from fellow workers: Vermont Workers' Center helps build solidarity among local unions"