St. Johnsbury Medicaid March Report-back

Medicaid March PhotoOn June 16th, close to 200 people marched in St. Johnsbury to protect and expand Medicaid as a step towards publicly-financed, universal healthcare for all.

Over a dozen people testified about the importance of expanding Medicaid and their own experiences of a failed healthcare system in the United States.

“I never expected to use Medicaid because I worked and had insurance until a health crisis meant I couldn't work so I lost my BCBS platinum coverage.  My life, and the lives of many Vermonters, depend on the health care that Medicaid provides. We shouldn't have to choose between food and medical supplies, suffer and maybe die from chronic health conditions that are treatable, because we are poor.” -Julie Brisson, St Johnsbury

Over 1 in 3 of us in Vermont is on some form of Medicaid (known as Green Mountain Care in Vermont) or uses a Medicaid-funded service. As we continue to see attacks on this critical program we must continue to organize and fight for a better world!
“If my son had not been eligible for Medicaid, he more than likely would not have made it.  Medicaid saved his life. Medicaid saves lives, and we must continue to fight for it!” -Renee Esposito, Barre

On June 16th we demonstrated to our friends and neighbors in the Northeast Kingdom that the healthcare struggle in rural Vermont does matter and that we are committed to working in every corner of the state. We lifted up voices from St. Johnsbury to Brattleboro and everywhere in between, we made the local and statewide news and we brought together and fed our growing movement.

Since the March for Medicaid dozens of local leaders have gotten involved with the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign calling on the State of Vermont to follow through with Vermont’s Universal Healthcare Legislation (Act 48) moving towards a publicly funded and equitably financed healthcare system.

Please contact to learn more about what is happening in St Johnsbury.