URGENT APPEAL: Vermont is ready, but so are the insurance companies. We need your help to beat them!

Victory in Vermont will set the stage for winning universal healthcare across the country!

We need your support

Vermont is on the cusp of winning universal healthcare after two years of grassroots organizing by the Vermont Workers’ Center! Now we need your help to overcome an onslaught of industry money. Come January, we will enter the final stage in our fight to make the human right to healthcare a reality in Vermont. Everything is in place for a progressive policy victory that will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands, demonstrate the relevance of progressive social movements, and kick off a nation-wide shift toward single payer healthcare, spreading from one state to the next.

The Vermont Workers’ Center’s "Healthcare Is a Human Right" Campaign won legislation in May 2010 that commits the state of Vermont to implementing a new healthcare system based on the human rights principles of universality, equity, accountability, transparency and participation. In just a few weeks, Dr. William Hsiao, who designed Taiwan’s oft-praised single payer system, will reveal his three implementation options to the public, and the legislature will vote on these shortly thereafter. Our new Democratic governor campaigned on a single payer platform — a political stance made possible and popular in large part because of our grassroots Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign.

Help us secure this victory! Reaching over 7000 people across the state has enabled us to come this far, yet the insurance industry will do everything they can to prevent us from crossing the finish line.

As you can imagine, the trillion dollar insurance industry will spend millions to flood the airwaves with lies and fear-mongering in an effort to demonize single payer healthcare. We can only beat such propaganda if you help us scale up our grassroots organizing that achieved this victory.

Please contribute whatever you can to help us organize and defeat the industry. And please forward or post this to everyone you know.

Thank you for your support and solidarity!!!

Peg Franzen and James Haslam
Vermont Workers’ Center's "Healthcare Is A Human Right" Campaign

View the story of our campaign’s victory, told in a 10 minute video here, and then please contribute.