Vermont at a Crossroad: Election Day Organizing - Let's Make Democracy Begin, Not End

Election Day Organizing For Healthcare Is A Human Right
This Tuesday, November 4th is Election Day in Vermont and around the country. The Vermont Workers' Center and members of the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign will be going to dozens of polling stations across the state to reach out to our neighbors to build support for our state to become the first state in the country to have real universal healthcare. There are huge challenges ahead as forces are mounting to either derail Vermont from going down this road, or pushing us down a path that resembles the same old mess the profit-seeking healthcare system has us in right now. We will be inviting people to take photos standing with a sign supporting the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign and inviting them to sign the petition supporting universal healthcare which will be delivered to the lawmakers once they arrive in Montpelier in January. The VWC has already gathered more than five thousand signatures from VT residents on this petition and there are organizing committees in regions across the state building this campaign.

Here's what you can do:
- Take a shift at your local election polling station on Tuesday! Contact your local organizing committee, Kate at 802-825-8399, or Matt at 802-272-0133 or
- Sign the petition online here:

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