Vermont NEA signs onto Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign

Burlington - On December 5th the Board of Directors of the Vermont-National Education Association voted unanimously to endorse "Healthcare is a Human Right", a campaign of the Vermont Workers Center. The state’s largest union, which represents members in every community of the state has joined the AFL-CIO and over a hundred organizations statewide in supporting this growing grassroots campaign to make healthcare a public good for all, divorced from employment.

Vermont-NEA has worked to address the healthcare crisis for years, and continues to believe that access to quality and affordable healthcare is a basic right of all working people. The union’s board believes it is crucial for lawmakers, policy makers and public officials to understand the importance access to health care plays in the lives of all Vermonters.

"Healthcare is a the most basic of human rights and it is time for our state to make this moral commitment to every single one of us. The private insurance industry has hijacked any prospects of really addressing the roots of the crisis on the federal level, but here in Vermont we can lead the way, " said Amy Lester, a guidance counselor in Barre, a Vermont NEA member and leader of the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign.

Vermont-NEA is the union of Vermont educators, nearly 12,000 men and women who teach the state’s children in Vermont’s local public schools.