Vermont Nurses & Healthcare Providers Say: "Healthcare Is A Human Right!"

Press Conference: Vermont nurses and health professionals stand up on for Healthcare Is A Human Right.
12noon, Friday, January 29th, Statehouse Montpelier

"As nurses we see the effects of our broken healthcare system every single day. How many more stories of pain and suffering must be told before real change occurs? The money and power of the big corporations that is creating a storm of distraction in Washington is a distant rumbling in Vermont – what we hear – loud and clear are the voices of our citizens. We need a Medicare-for-all style system in Vermont. It is possible and we are working to make it happen for Vermont. For a small state, Vermont has often been a leader. We have the will, we have the courage, we have the strength and now we must work together to make it happen," said Jennifer Henry, RN, the president of the Fletcher Allen nurses union which represents over 1,700 nurses and health professionals said.

SIGN-ON LETTER: Nurses and all other health providers to sign onto the attached open letter calling for Vermont to lead the way in realizing the basic right to healthcare. Vermont providers can sign on line at:

Are you going to your Doctor's Office? Bring the petition :)

More info: Contact or (802)861-4892