Victory to the Verizon workers!

Solidarity with Verizon workers!Last week, the largest strike in recent US history ended in victory for Verizon workers. While workers in Vermont weren't on strike, VWC members joined solidarity pickets in Burlington at the Verizon store, part of a national solidarity effort to pressure the company to negotiate in good faith. 

Their victory is a victory for all working families - showing that when workers and community members come together in solidarity we can win, even against multinational corporations like Verizon. Congratulations and thanks for staying strong!

Want to learn more? Here's an article by Christine Owens with the National Employment Law Project in the Huffington Post:

Worker Unity Brings Victory at Verizon 

"The largest strike in recent history ended on Wednesday, as nearly 40,000 Verizon field technicians, call-center workers and others went back to work after more than six weeks on the line. The strike captured the public’s imagination not just because of its size and duration, but because it laid bare the seedy underbelly of the attack on good jobs in America — unprincipled and unbridled outsourcing and globalization, fueled by corporate greed.

The Verizon strike was less a battle over union benefits than a fight for the future of work in America; less a campaign for those who sport the union label and more a crusade for us all. Confounding prognosticators and pundits, the workers won — and so did we all."

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