Video: Tax Day Action at Blue Cross Blue Shield VT!

This morning on Tax Day, dozens of people marched on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont in Berlin, delivering a $15.7 million invoice for taxes they've avoided by masquerading as a non-profit, while profiting enormously off of our health.

BCBS Vice President Kevin Goddard -- who made somewhere between $288,000 to $370,000 last year, putting him in Vermont's top 1% of wage earners -- accepted the invoice, while CEO Don George made an appearance outside.

Jessica Ruben shared her story of being forced to pay back hundreds in taxes for bungled healthcare subsidies today, while Bekah Mandell reflected on healthcare costs which have skyrocketed in the transition from Catamount to Vermont Health Connect.
Reverend Earl Kooperkamp pulled it together with the moral case for moving beyond the insurance company's failing market-based system towards universal, publicly-financed healthcare as a public good and a human right.

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