VT Digger: Vermont Workers Center releases Irene film, “Strength of the Storm”

The Vermont Workers’ Center and Vermont Filmmaker Rob Koier announce the release of “Strength of the Storm,” the very first movie made about Tropical Storm Irene’s affect on Vermont and its mobile home parks.

Through interviews and heartbreaking footage of the storm’s damage, “Strength of the Storm” tells the story of Irene’s impact on the lives of ordinary Vermonters. Though many Vermonters still have not recovered from the waters, the film is about much more than destruction and loss. Subtitled “a Film About Realizing That We Are in This Together,” the film weaves together stories of economic inequality, climate disruption, personal transformation, and collective action into an inspiring vision of a more just, equitable, and livable Vermont.

The Film tells the story of a group of mobile home park residents who lost everything in the flood, and how they came together to make their voices heard and get their needs met after the storm. Though they barely knew each other before the storm hit, these neighbors came together as the waters receded to ensure that a just outcome was achieved that represented the Vermont values of community and solidarity that we all hold so dear.

“Strength of the Storm” is a story of how we can all come together to build a movement for communities based on those values. According to Workers’ Center President Peg Franzen of Montpelier, “The film is a call to action, so that in communities all across the state, we can realize that we are all in this together and that we can “Put People First” to create a more equitable and livable Vermont”.

The stars of the film are available for interviews throughout the week. Contact James Haslam for more details.central_vt_premier.jpg