VWC members featured in national press coverage

Image of worker from The AtlanticYesterday, The Atlantic published a story by Alana Samuels entitled "When raising the minimum wage isn't enough," featuring VWC member Johann Kulsic as well as VWC director James Haslam and organizer Shela Linton.  Samuels describes how even though Vermont has some of the most progressive wage and hour laws in the country, many low-wage workers are struggling to get by.  

Reforms like raising the minimum wage are important, but not enough -- as we often say, we must organize and build a movement powerful enough to challenge the structural barriers which prevent so many of us from being able to live lives with dignity.  As Kulsic says in the story, “I come from a low-income family, and I thought I could pull myself up by my bootstraps. I used to believe in class mobility, but it's a myth."

Photo of ShelaLast week, VWC organizer Shela Linton was chosen as one of Glamour Magazine's "Fifty phenomenal women of the year who are making a difference."  Glamour chose Shela for her leadership role in the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign, and support for human rights in her hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont.  

Linton said, "I am honored and blessed to have received this recognition from Glamour Magazine, and see it as a testament to the strength and the power of our Put People First movement. Thank you to my home town of Brattleboro and Vermont for believing in me, and a special thank you to those who have the courage to be by my side in fighting for dignity and human rights for all.”  Contragulations Shela!!!