VWC responds to KKK incident in Burlington

Last Thursday evening, two young women of color in Burlington were targeted by a person or people affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan, who delivered fliers to their doors. These fliers are only the latest incident in an ongoing escalation of racist acts aimed at people of color in our community, and part of a national rise in state and vigilante violence towards communities of color.

The Vermont Workers’ Center denounces this attack and our members will not accept this type of activity in our communities. We understand that far-right groups like the KKK seek to fortify our racist, sexist, and profoundly unequal society by terrorizing those of us who are most marginalized, especially when we organize to demand our rights. These groups often experience support during times of economic crisis, including from segments of the super wealthy, who exploit the economic insecurities of poor white communities to demonize and place blame on immigrants and people of color, rather than the capitalist economy which produces poverty.

In the face of this, we are recommitting to organize and build a multiracial movement fighting for human rights and collective liberation. Our organization and our movement must redouble our efforts in showing up for racial justice and taking steps to ensure that members of our community are safe from racist violence.

Join members of our communities to speak out for racial justice on Thursday, November 5th:

Brattleboro: 5pm @ The Root Social Justice Center. RSVP here on Facebook.

Burlington: 7pm @ Burlington City Hall. RSVP here on Facebook.