Year End Slideshow and Video

2013 was a momentous year in the Vermont Workers' Center’s history. Watch our Year in Review Video

We celebrated our 15th year, focusing deeply on our membership structure to prepare for the 15 years ahead. Our members continued to stand in solidarity for workplace struggles, livable wages, and the right to organize—and welcomed 7,500 home care providers into the labor movement. We embarked on a bold agenda to build one movement for people and the planet, demand dignity not poverty, and a democracy that puts people first. We defended against cuts to vital public programs that help meet people's fundamental needs, and fought for guaranteed paid sick leave for all. We held health screening clinics and forums to advance universal healthcare in Vermont by moving to a system from coverage to care.

Last year, so many of you raised your voices, took action, told your story, rallied, petitioned, and testified to organize for a better world. Thank you for building this movement. Together, we grow strong! Watch the Year End Slideshow.