Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign Members Speak out at Welch Forum in White River Junction

amyllizbwelchforu_0.JPGOn Saturday October 17th several members of the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign came out to tell Congressman Peter Welch healthcare is a human right not a privilege.

While some members of the community came to express their concerns about the federal legislation and ask questions, many people spoke out in support of a single-payer system for Vermont when the federal bill falls short of fixing the problem.

"I don't think it's fair," said Amy Lester (pictured right) "that insurance companies get to make the healthcare pie, slice the pie, serve the pie and deny service of the pie."

"Healthcare is a Human Right and we are going to make single-payer happen in Vermont" said Sarah Weintraub of the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign as she asked Congressman Welch if he would support legislation to help us get the waivers we would need. He said he would.

As the fight for reform continues in Washington, Vermonters will continue to demand their human right to healthcare here in Vermont this legislative session.