Over 50 Participate in Franklin-Grand Isle People's Forum on Healhtcare

DSCF6751_1.JPGLast night, over 50 Franklin and Grand Isle County residents came out to participate in a forum on our Human Right to Healthcare. Ten legislators from the across the counties attended the event held at the Franklin County Senior Center.

Legislators in attendance included:

Sen. Randy Brock
Sen. Sara Kittell
Rep. Michel Consejo
Rep. Gary Gilbert
Rep. Jeff Young
Rep. Brian Savage
Rep. Kathy Keenan
Rep. Ira Trombley
Rep. Mitzy Johnson
Rep. Richard Howrigan

DSCF6725_1_0.JPGFranklin and Grand Isle residents testified about their experiences in this healthcare crisis and shared their visions for a system that recognizes healthcare as a basic human right.

We thank all of the legislators and speakers that participated in the forum, for their time and for listening and discussing health care in Vermont.

Vermonters all over the state are organizing in a grassroots movement to demand healthcare is a basic human right. We cannot and will not wait any longer. To get involved with the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign, call 802-861-4892 or email kate@workerscenter.org.