ROAD TO DETROIT: Latin America Protest Singer Challenges Us to "Take Our World Back"

paul-baker-image300.jpg"Copenhagen leaves us no choice: We, the People, must take our world back."
—Paul Baker Hernández, Coordinator of Water Not War referring to the failed UN climate talks last December in Denmark

Paul Baker Hernandez, the Carthusian hermit-turned-protest singer, will perform his powerful songs at the Vermont Workers Center on Sunday, March 21 at 6:30 pm. The Workers Center is located at 294 No. Winooski Avenue in Burlington, VT.

This performance is part of the Workers Center's series of Road to Detroit events mobilizing for the U.S. Social Forum this June in Detroit.

About Paul Baker Hernandez
Thrown out of the monastery 40 years ago for secretly building the guitar he still plays from retired toilet seats and recycled chapel flooring, Paul has sung protest songs for 300,000 people (plus the Pope), led bishops on anti-nuclear forays into queens' castles, defied death squads attacking Central American exiles even in Hollywood, and sung with legendary musicians throughout the Americas.

When not on tour, Paul digs trenches for drainage systems to help eradicate standing water, mosquitoes and early childhood death in his marginalized barrio in Managua, Nicaragua, and shares the great musics of revolution. Paul specializes in the beautiful, passionate music of Víctor Jara, Chilean activist and musician tortured and murdered in the 1973 Kissinger/Pinochet coup.

Co-sponsored by Global Justice Ecology Project and the Vermont Workers' Center.

Contact Global Justice Ecology Project at (802) 482-2689 or for more information or for interviews.

"Paul, I wish history had allowed you and Víctor to meet. You would have been friends." (Joan Jara, Chile)