ROAD TO DETROIT: "After the Earthquake: The Struggle to Transform Haiti"

Sugar Maple Ballroom
Davis Center
University of Vermont

This event is sponsored by the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series.

The democratic popular uprising that was unleashed with the Duvalier regime's fall in February 1986 has continued over the past 24 years despite dictatorships, coups and occupations aimed at containing it. The earthquake destroyed the Haitian state and now US imperialism, the Haitian bourgeoisie, and popular forces are scrambling to array their "alternatives" to fill the void.

Roger Leduc, the Haitian Coalition to Support the Struggle in Haiti (KAKOLA)
Kim Ives, founding member of International Support Haiti Network (ISHN)
Activists, writers and journalists for the weekly newspaper Haiti Liberté and weekly radio program "Haiti: The Struggle Continues" on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York.