May 7 S.88 Updates From The People's Team

The Vermont Senate had not yet received VT S. 88 as of 8 PM Thursday, but members of the House and Senate were working away trying to finish work in time to adjourn the session by Saturday evening.

It was anticipated the House would send it over when they adjourned for the day. The Senate could choose to suspend rules and take it up Friday night; vote it up or down Saturday; or refer it to conference committee, where it might die unless the legislature had to come back next week anyway to work on the budget and any other unfinished business. There wouldn’t be enough votes to support suspending rules in the House to skip the waiting periods between houses unless some Republicans felt it was helpful to Republican goals.

If it becomes clear that they will have to come back next week, into the next payroll week, then the vote may not come tomorrow, either.

In the Senate, opposition to the bill has been focusing on the drug sample disclosure amendment, but since the federal bill passed this spring requires disclosure anyway, this should be a non-issue and either house should be willing to give.


We need to keep the pressure on our senators. If you haven't already, please call the Sgt-At-Arms at 282 2228, identify yourself and your town, then leave a message urging your senators to vote YES on S.88, and to pass it now, before the legislative season ends.