Bernie Sanders will help VT lead the way

group-bernie_0.jpgBernie's message was loud and clear at 6 events in the Northeast Kingdom this weekend, he will support us in every way he can to help us win a universal healthcare system for Vermont.

This weekend hundreds of people came out to Bernie Sanders town hall meetings and events in Canaan, Island Pond, Newport, Craftsbury, Barton and Morrisville.

Dozens of workers' center members turned out to these events and collected nearly 500 signatures on our "Healthcare is a Human Right" Petition. (Sign it now if you haven't yet.) Support for Vermont to lead the way and create a system that treats healthcare as a basic right and public good is even bigger than we thought. Nearly everyone we talked to signed the petition.

The event in Morrisville, which was filmed for CSPAN, drew hundreds including at least 50 people wearing Healthcare is a Human Right t-shirts and many more wearing buttons.

When asked by Vermont Workers' Center leaders what could be done to make sure we get our healthcare system even though we know there will be big money opposition telling us lies and trying to stop it, Bernie responded that we must keep doing what we're doing: grassroots organizing.