Climate Justice

As part of the Workers’ Center’s commitment to taking action on the full range of issues of concern to working people, and to building alliances nationally and internationally, the People’s University (PULL- is highlighting different topics throughout the year as “learning themes.” The theme for January and February is CLIMATE JUSTICE. Check out the video we made to tell you about it, look in to some of the resources we’ve listed, and come to one of our PULL-Togethers in Burlington or Brattleboro. Check the PULL Blog for more resources and the uncut interviews with our sister organizations.

The battle for healthcare and the battle for climate justice are really the same struggle for healthy communities that put people’s needs before corporate greed.

What is Climate Justice?

“The heart of climate justice is the understanding that the urgent action needed to prevent climate change must be based on community-led solutions and the well-being of local communities, Indigenous Peoples and the global poor, as well as biodiversity and intact ecosystems. Climate justice is the understanding that we will not be able to stop climate change if we don’t change the neo-liberal, corporate-based economy which stops us from achieving sustainable societies. It is the understanding that corporate globalization must be stopped.”
-Global Justice Ecology Project

Why should we care?

  • We are all fighting the same system- The same interests who benefit from the profit-based health care system that we are fighting against in the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign are the ones who are benefiting from a system that treats natural resources as commodities.
  • Together, our voices are stronger- By working together in solidarity with climate justice activists we strengthen each of our voices and build a stronger resistance to our common enemies.
  • Our communities rely on natural systems- The things we are fighting for- healthcare, livable wages, safe, affordable housing- are not possible without the basic natural systems that we all rely on.
  • We want real green jobs- A green job does not just mean a job related to solar panels or composting toilets if it still exploits workers and benefits the rich. We need to organize so that “green jobs” also means jobs with dignity.

Things to Read and Watch

Organizations to Check Out

PULL Climate Justice Events:

  • January 26, 6pm-8pm- Climate Justice PULL-Together in Brattleboro @ Vermont Partnership for Equity and Diversity
  • January 27, 6pm-8pm- Climate Justice PULL-Together in Burlington, @ Vermont Workers Center