Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign Mobilizes for March 14 Statewide Hearing

Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign Mobilizes for March 14 Statewide Hearing

Grassroots Campaign for Universal Healthcare Grows Around the State

Montpelier, VT -- State House -- On Monday, March 14, the day of the statewide public hearing on the universal healthcare bill, large numbers of Vermonters will give testimony in support of making healthcare a human right and a public good in Vermont. TheHealthcare Is a Human Right Campaign expects Vermonters in every part of the state to testify at the joint hearing of the House Health Care and Senate Health and Welfare committees.

The hearing on H.202, a bill aimed at creating a universal healthcare system for Vermont, will be conducted through Vermont Interactive Television with Vermonters being able to testify at fifteen locations throughout the state, between 6pm and 8pm on Monday.

, The Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign is pushing for improvements to the bill which was presented by the Shumlin Administration in February. In order to satisfy human rights standards (see the Detailed Human Rights Standards for Healthcare Systems,, the Campaign’s written testimony on H.202 ( calls for establishing a new universal healthcare system as soon as possible, rather than focusing on creating a federally-mandated health insurance exchange.

“Our grassroots campaign seeks to have thousands of Vermonters’ voices heard in this statewide hearing. We will urge legislators to act now and pass concrete plans for a universal healthcare system that starts enrolling Vermonters as soon as possible. This bill - H.202 - is a roadmap to tackling the human rights emergency caused by our market-based healthcare system. Together we can strengthen the bill by embedding human rights principles in every provision. This will help us to get as quickly as possible to the system we all want - a system that truly works for every Vermonter by making healthcare a public good,” said Vermont Workers’ Center president Peg Franzen.

Vermonters are invited to confirm participation in the March 14th hearing, which was rescheduled from March 8th due to a blizzard, by visiting this link:

The “Detailed Human Rights Standards for Healthcare Systems” are available at

For more background on the campaign, please contact James Haslam or Peg Franzen, or go to