VWC loses $30K Grant, We Need You To Help Us Fill the Gap

In the midst of all the excitement and the enthusiasm around our very successful May 1st rally came some very disheartening news for the Vermont Workers' Center and our Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign. We were informed that we lost a $30,000 grant, which we were counting on and that we had received for years from a national Catholic foundation. We were told by the Vermont Diocese the funding would be pulled because we would not agree to put limits on a woman’s right to choose as a part of our Healthcare is a Human Right campaign. We hope this foundation will fund us again in the future, but for now, this is an immediate crisis to our budget. This funding represents a loss to nearly a quarter of our budget at a time when we need to expand our capacity after the huge success of our May 1st Healthcare is a Human Right Rally. Now we will have to fill the gap, and then some. And with your help we will meet this challenge, we will keep organizing and Vermont will become the first state in the nation that acknowledges the human right to healthcare and makes healthcare a basic public good for all. Can we count on you to help?

Join the Fill The Gap Team

Donate and/or help us raise $250 from your co-workers, neighbors, friends and family. If 200 of our members and supporters raise this amount, we will be able to fill this gap from the lost grant and raise the money we need for the next stage in the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign.

JOIN THE TEAM: Email info@workerscenter.org or call James at 802-272-0882 if you can join the Fill The Gap Team. We can get you information about the Workers' Center and a big donation envelope. See below for fundraising ideas and talking points.

DONATE: Secure online donations can be made at www.workerscenter.org/donate and checks can be sent to Vermont Workers' Center, 294 North Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT 05401

SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS: Donate good stuff to our silent auction at the June 6th Annual Membership Assembly and Celebration Dinner [link].

BECOME MONTHLY SUSTAINER: To truly be a grassroots organization funded by our base, we need to have lots of people giving small regular contributions. Our goal is to recruit 50 new monthly sustainers in the next year, please become a monthly sustainer for $10 or $20 a month if you are not one already or increase the amount of money you already donate monthly. You can do it with a credit card online at http://www.workerscenter.org/donate or through your checking account (email James at james@workerscenter .org to learn more).


- Find 10 people you know to give $25 each.

- Hold a House Party or BBQ where you get lots of people you know together and let people know about the importance of VWC and Healthcare Is A Human Rights Campaign and pass the hat (with the help of VWC organizers if you like) . We also have a new video from the rally coming soon that we can play..

- Have a Fundraiser at your local Bar or Restaurant: Last Friday, supporters of the VWC held a fundraiser at Nectar's in Burlington where bands played for free and the VWC received 10% of the night's revenue from the bar (almost $500 in one night).

- Organize a 50/50 raffle at any big events you are part of.

- Be Creative! We are positive that you have lots of good ideas and together we will make it happen!


- I am helping raise money for the Vermont Workers' Center, who are a (great, awesome, etc) workers' rights and social justice organization and have been coordinating a huge grassroots organizing campaign called "Healthcare Is A Human Right" to change what is politically possible for healthcare reform.

- They just lost a $30,000 grant from a national Catholic foundation because the Vermont Diocese requested the funded be pulled because the VWC would not consider taking a position to limit women's reproductive choices as part of their healthcare campaign.

- On May 1st they held one of the largest rallies in state history for Healthcare Is A Human Right and they are building a grassroots network to win major healthcare reform in Vermont. Over the next year, Vermont could become the first state in the country to truly make healthcare a basic right to all.

- This $30,000 is a big hole in their budget, especially when they really need to be expanding their organizing capacity statewide as they are trying to build organizing committees in every county of the state.

MORE INFO: Call 802-861-2877

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