Next Steps for the VWC and Healthcare Is a Human Right

Next Steps For VWC and Healthcare Is A Human Right

Building off the success of the historic May 1st rally the next steps for this campaign are to:

  • consolidate our local organizing committees in major population centers throughout the state
  • deepen the understanding of human rights principles for healthcare throughout our base
  • strategize with local organizing committees about the best way to hold elected officials accountable to human rights principles.

We will be holding meetings around the state throughout the month of May. From June 4 - June 8 we are having a statewide 11th Anniversary Celebration Tour with legendary singer-songwriter-organizer Si Kahn from Grassroots Leadership and based in North Carolina. On June 6 we will be having our statewide Membership Assembly and Annual Celebration Dinner in Barre at the Labor Hall. This will include workshops, the assembly, dinner and Si Kahn performance.

This summer we will be also officially starting our new leadership development program called Organize For Change: Education For Movement-Building, which is taking our Solidarity Schools and other popular education trainings to the next level. Stay tuned for more information on the web.

If you would like to learn more or get involved in this grassroots movement contact us at, or (802) 861-2877.