VWC Member Drive and Membership Assembly-Annual Celebration

Am I A VWC Member?
Yes, we really hope so! We already consider many of you members, but there's been a lot of twists and turns over the years, so we want to confirm it with you. When the VWC started, we were just the "Rapid Response Network", a database of people who wanted to know how they could take action to support workers' rights and livable wage struggles. Then we became a coalition of unions and other organizations and had a big Steering Committee of coalition representatives and dozens of at-large members. Finally a couple of years ago we started a long transition to becoming a member organization. Here's the definition of a VWC Member from our bylaws:

"Membership shall be open to any individual or organization who: agrees with the Workers’ Center mission and strategic orientation, provides material support to the Workers’ Center, through either regular volunteer work or regular (annual or monthly) financial contributions, and has ascribed to the Jobs with Justice solidarity action pledge."

Hundreds of people fit that definition, but we want to confirm it with everyone. Also, over the years almost a hundred people have now become VWC Monthly Sustainers, donating $5, $10 or $20+ per month through credit or debit cards (we can now do it directly through our credit union and your bank, let us know if you want to learn more). Everyone who is currently a Monthly Sustainer, you are a Member. Everyone else, we want to confirm it with you and this Membership Assembly is the perfect opportunity.

Join now.

Will I get my VWC Membership Card at the Membership Assembly?
Yes, if you confirm with us that you are a member in advance of the Membership Assembly we will pass out to you our new Membership Cards. If you confirm there, a membership card will be mailed to you.

What is the Membership Assembly?
This past year the Coordinating Committee came to the conclusion that we needed to do something to increase the input we get from our members on our overall mission and the major decisions we make that direct our work. Our first Membership Assembly will be a place for all members to listen, discuss and make decisions on our strategic vision for the next few years, as well as vote on the new framework document and elect members of our Coordinating Committee.

Attendance to the Membership Assembly is FREE. Following the assembly we will have a celebration dinner and benefit concert with Si Kahn and Scott Ainslie. We are suggesting a $25 contribution for the dinner and concert. However, the Celebration is FREE for students and people who are low-income or unemployed.

What is the VWC Strategy & Vision Document?
The framework document included in this letter is a broad proposal from the coordinating committee to our membership. It outlines the major strategies we hope to pursue over the next years, the goals and policies that inform these strategies, and the actions we hope to take to accomplish our goals. We hope that you will read over the document and come to the Membership Assembly ready to make this Vision statement something that inspires us all to do the work we do!