Workers' Center Gets Close to Filling the Gap

The Workers' Center is happy to announce we are closing in on filling the $30,000 funding gap! After the massive "Healthcare is a Human Right" rally on May 1st, the VWC lost a $30,000 grant from a national foundation because we refused to take a position limiting women's reproductive rights. (See background and link to media coverage here)medium_DSC01519.JPG

Now, after our Annual Celebration in Barre and the "Fill the Gap" tour with performers Si Kahn and Scott Ainslie, we've raised over $27,000 and we're getting really close! If you want to help us finish filling that gap, go to or call us at (802) 861-2877 if you want to help us raise the money to keep this movement growing.

"There's been a huge outpouring of support. Our whirlwind tour over the the last four days of concerts, house parties and gatherings across the state has shown us that, for one, Vermonters believe healthcare is a human right, that the time is now to build a huge statewide movement and we are going to let nothing and no one get in our way. They've also shown Vermonters believe that that when we say healthcare is a human right, it includes women's rights," said James Haslam, Director of the Vermont Workers' Center.

Giant thank you's to all of the folks who have donated and/or signed up to be VWC Monthly Sustainers! Now that we've nearly filled the gap, we want to keep our capacity growing so we can have the resources to be organiizing in every community in the state. Please contact us to get involved or donate.