WPTZ: Hundreds Rally For Health Care In Montpelier: Major Celebration After State Senate Passes H.202

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Hundreds Rally For Health Care In Montpelier
Major Celebration After State Senate Passes H.202

By Randy Gyllenhaal

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- Hundreds of Vermonters hit the streets in Montpelier to show their support for universal health care. They marched from City Hall to the statehouse Sunday afternoon.
"You have been leading this struggle for universal health care," shouted organizer Kate Kanelstein to the crowd as they made their way through downtown Montpelier.
This rally comes on the heels of the state senate passing a bill that would put Vermont on the path towards single-payer, universal health coverage. The governor could sign H.202 this week.
Some of the participants thought the bill didn't go far enough. A last minute amendment would exclude illegal immigrants, including many who work on Vermont farms, from being covered by the new plan.
"If there are people that aren't covered because of their documentation, then that means it's not universal at all," said Hilary Martin.
Many of those marching on Sunday said the bill is good progress, but it's not perfect. Meanwhile the business community has criticized the plan because the final cost is unclear. Funding decisions won't be made until 2013.

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