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Follow the People's Team in Montpelier as they work to ensure that our legislators enact legislation that recognizes that Healthcare is a Human Right!

Text of speech at Building a Better Budget Rally

I'm Sandy Gaffney. I was of a member of Mobile Home Park Residents for Equality and Fairness. We organized to be heard about what our needs actually were and to get them met. After the flood I came to realize that many of our needs weren't being met for a long long time and that I could work to change things. As a result I am a member of the Vermont Workers Center and here today.

Op-ed: Start putting people first, right here

[This article was originally published in Bennington Banner, VT Digger, Rutland Herald along with other VT media outlets. ]

Start putting people first, right here

In 1967 in his Christmas sermon, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I still have a dream that one day the idle industries of Appalachia will be revitalized, and the empty stomachs of Mississippi will be filled, and brotherhood will be more than a few words at the end of a prayer, but rather the first order of business on every legislative agenda."

Thanksgiving 2011: Giving thanks, full plates and only 16 days until Dec 10!

Giving Thanks to all who Struggle for a Better World:
As we sit down with our friends and families to share a meal together, we should honor indigenous Native communities and who continue to fight for their land and sovereignty against colonialism and corporate greed (Check out IEN's struggle against the Keystone XL Pipeline at

Article on our lessons published

In the November issue of In These Times we have a feature article on lessons from our universal healthcare struggle. The original draft was written for our Summer Leadership Retreat this summer but we also wanted to share this with our peers around the country. It has been a true honor to work with so many amazing and committed people. There were countless lessons learned in the past three years, these are five we wanted to lift up as valuable for our road ahead building a movement with our counterparts everywhere. They were earned by the tireless work of hundreds of people.

After the floods, things are really gonna get messy (From Heather Pipino)

This is not a feel good story.

I must say that it has been truly inspiring to see the out-pouring of community support and Vermonters "get er done" attitude over the past 10 days. Some people have really put in Herculean effort (and are starting to get sick from the mold/toxins as a result). Many have sweat and strained for complete strangers or spent hours and days helping friends in need.

Irene took a toll on many in our communities, the effects of which we are going to be seeing for many months to come. I fear that some families will never fully recover.

Campaign Comments on Proposed Waiver for “State Innovation” (ACA Section 1332) Rules

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Attention: CMS–9987–P

Comments Re:
31 CFR Part 33
RIN 1505–AC30
45 CFR Part 155
RIN 0938–AQ75
Application, Review, and Reporting Process for Waivers for State Innovation

13 May 2011

Dear Madam/Sir:

We are not Arizona!

Yesterday, with the vote on the universal healthcare bill H.202, we saw politics at its best and at its worst. At its best, because the participation of thousands of Vermonters in the Healthcare Is a Human Right campaign convinced a strong majority in the Senate to pass a historic universal healthcare bill. At its worst, because a majority of senators also approved an amendment to make the bill less than universal, in a cynical political move to appeal to hatred and intolerance.