People's Team

Follow the People's Team in Montpelier as they work to ensure that our legislators enact legislation that recognizes that Healthcare is a Human Right!

Meeting lots of folks!

Wed was our panel discussion on social and economic rights. Folks from the State department and Health and Human services were there, as well as many brothers and sisters from NGO organizations afiliated with USHR network. It was a great panel highlighting our individual efforts and the interconnectedness of all of the social and economic rights.

Geneva is exciting!

Yesterday was a great day- and a surprising one. in trying to lobby countries during a UPR, i thought it would rude to approach them during a session so I did what any good organizer would- decided to hand out side event flyers while they wre on their way in or out. Well....unbeknownst to me, you aren't supposed to hand out ANY flyers in or outside of the room and so after the guard approached me and took my badge, then guided me to security- asked me to wait (5 min or so) the woman who is the head of the NGOs security came out to explain my grievous error and was not happy.

VWC goes to Geneva!

Hi all!
Mar Gerisch here- and I am getting REALLY excited about going to Geneva tomorrow! I have finally finished packing (I think--or rather- I HOPE!) and am reviewing various resources from our own policy committee as well as from NESRI and the other Human Rights activists who are going!

My roommate is Deborah, from LA. She is involved in the Human right to Housing campaing and their organizations out there has had manyt successes!

Barre Heritage Day Parade 7/24/10

The Health Care is a Human Right campaign took the "We're All in the Same Boat" float to the Barre Heritage Day Parade today and was greeted with cheers and thanks by the crowd for all we do. We gave out hundreds of buttons and led the crowd in chants of "What do we want?" "Health care as a Human Right" "When do we want it?" "NOW!" Pictures to follow.

Comments Submitted to Health Care Reform Commission About Design Consultant

Today the policy committee for the Healthcare is a Human Right campaign submitted the following comments to the Healthcare Reform Commission for the members' consideration as they choose the consultant to design Vermont's new healthcare system:

1. Thank you for serving on Vermont's healthcare reform commission. As you know, Act 128 requires you to recommend one or more consultants to design a new healthcare system for Vermont. This work is of historical importance, and Vermonters are relying on you to choose wisely.

Appointment by House Speaker Smith to the Joint Legislative Health Care Commission Violates Act 128 (S.88)

Act 128 (S.88) calls on the Senate President Pro Tempore and the House Speaker each to appoint one non-voting member to the Joint Legislative Health Care Commission, which is responsible for recommending the consultant(s) who would design the healthcare systems called for in Act 128.

It also contains language that specifically disallows anyone from holding one of those two seats who might have a conflict due to a financial or other interest in a healthcare provider or insurer.

Another Step Forward: No Douglas Veto, S.88 To Become Law

The office of Gov. Jim Douglas announced that he will let S.88 become law without his signature. He expressed disapproval of the designs mandate and the prescription drug samples disclosure provision added by the House. However, he decided to let the bill become law because it include the "Blueprint For Health" plans that he has supported. This is another big step forward for our campaign! Read the press release.