People's University for Learning and Liberation

story_7619607388_90f7bd0818.jpgOur world is facing an economic, ecological and social crisis of proportions perhaps never before seen in human history. The times demand that we build a smart and strong social movement. We must have an inclusive vision, a strong analysis of systems of oppression, and a deep sense of strategy. The People’s University for Learning and Liberation (PULL) is our political and popular education and leadership development work.

The learning spaces created by PULL help our grassroots base understand those systems and how they are used to divide and weaken our movement. We develop tools to build stronger, more inclusive and more connective social movements. As our friends at People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER) in San Francisco put it (in a quotation we use in our leadership development work):

Throughout the Third World where social movements flourish, working class people, who have little formal education, study and debate theory with a prowess that would shame most college graduates in the United States. The challenges of this period demand that organizers develop the [intellectual] skills that are so often frowned upon.

Every year since 2007, the Workers’ Center has offered Solidarity School, a 2-day intensive leadership development program combining social movement theory and history with the organizing skills necessary to build power in our workplaces and communities. In addition to Solidarity School, over the years we've hosted advanced studies on austerity, Latin American social movements, social rights and the welfare state, and partnered with the Catalyst Project to hold workshops around the state on anti-racism for collective liberation.

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