Vermont Workers' Center Statement on Livable Wages for All in Burlington

For 14 years the Vermont Workers’ Center has been working with community members and labor organizations to ensure the well-being and an adequate standard of living for everyone in our city.  We have stood by the people of Burlington in the struggle for a livable wage for all, an important measure toward making sure that all people enjoy the right to live with dignity - free from want of our fundamental needs.

Vermont People's Convention- Declaration of Human Rights

Vermont People’s Convention Declaration of Human Rights Burlington, Vermont - 2 September 2012 Download the illustrated version below. Introduction We have gathered here as members of many communities in Vermont, North America and the world, to lay out a plan to work together for social justice. We are more than 400 individuals from every county of the state and other communities around the world, representing more than 40 organizations. Though diverse in our origins, ancestries, faiths and dispositions, as people we are united in our common humanness.