solidarity school

Southern Vermont Solidarity School

The Vermont Workers' Center – Jobs With Justice (VWC) will be holding our comprehensive popular education program, Solidarity School, in Bennington in August. The program is designed for organizers, union members, and workplace activists, and has application in a wide range of grassroots and community organizing. Over the last five years, over a hundred union and community leaders have graduated from this program.

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20 Community Leaders Complete Solidarity School

Congratulations to the 20 community and workplace leaders who completed Solidarity School 2009, a comprehensive community and workplace organizing training. They developed skills for organizing, planning strategic campaigns, and fighting intersecting oppressions, and building a movement. We look forward to seeing all the great work Solidarity School participants continue to do in their communities. Solidarity School graduates will be recognized at our Annual Membership Assembly and Dinner on June 6th, 2009.