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Statewide Series of People's Forums a Big Success!

Rutland People's ForumWe would like to thank everyone who helped make 15 People's Forums on Healthcare, Kids, and the Economy a huge success. Over 130 candidates and about 1,000 community members from every county in the state participated in this series of forums organized by the Vermont Workers' Center, Vermont Early Educators United and Vermont Center for Independent Living. These three organizations came together because our issues are interconnected and because our voices our stronger when we work together, and it was a huge success.

Public Meeting of Unemployment Benefit Study Committee

September 9, 2009 - 9:00am to 10:00am

Stop Cuts to Unemployment Benefits:
There is a major battle over unemployment compensation ongoing in the Vermont Legislature. Cuts to benefits and eligibility are a very real concern. To date, the lion’s share of the successful efforts at holding back the Douglas Administration's nasty proposal to cut benefits has been borne by the building trades unions. This is an issue that effects all workers. Let us know if you would like to work with the VWC to make sure that more working Vermonters voices are part of the discussion.