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Times Argus: "Workers’ Center takes on ‘People’s Budget’"

Workers’ Center takes on ‘People’s Budget’

By Thatcher Moats

VERMONT PRESS BUREAU - Published: June 10, 2011

MONTPELIER — A nonprofit grassroots group that rallied thousands of Vermonters to support health care reform legislation with its “health care is a human right” campaign is laying the groundwork for another political push with a different focus: state budget and tax policies.

OP-ED: "Beyond the market: Why we must treat health care as a public good"

Beyond the market: Why we must treat health care as a public good

By James Haslam
Published Rutland Herald/Times Argus: April 17, 2011

Vermont is in the midst of a human rights crisis that has been brought on by allowing the market to control one of the most important parts of our lives: our health.

Rutland Herald/Times Argus: "Single-payer supporters dominate public hearing"

Single-payer supporters dominate public hearing

By Peter Hirschfeld
Vermont Press Bureau - Published: March 15, 2011

MONTPELIER — When Kate Farrington’s mother lost her job, Kate Farrington lost her health insurance.

The young woman from Brattleboro is now confronting the relapse of a gynecological condition that, left untreated, could result in lifelong pain and an inability to have children.

Since Farrington lacks the thousands of dollars needed to pay for treatment, “my life could be devastated at a time when the future was starting to look promising.”

VPR Morning Edition: HCHR Leader Cindy Perron


On Town Meeting Day, citizens will be gathering to talk elect officials and vote on school and municipal budgets directly related to their towns and cities. But the Vermont Workers' Center is also hoping to talk about an issue that effects everyone in the state, health care.

As Vermont considers major changes to its health care system, the Health Care is a Human Right Campaign will be sending people to town meetings to spark the discussion.

Rutland Herald/Times Argus Op-Ed, VWC President Peg Franzen

Rutland Herald and Times Argus
Guest Sunday Editorial - Published: January 23, 2011

"Vermont can lead the way"


We do things differently in Vermont. Rarely has there been a week that showed so clearly how independent Vermonters are from national politicking.

As federal lawmakers moved toward repealing President Obama’s health reform law, Vermont took a step toward a different and much better system.

Rutland Herald/Times Argus Editorial on HCHR: "An early test"

From the Pulitzer Prize Winning editorial writing of the Rutland Herald and Times Argus

Article published Jan 2, 2011
An early test

As Peter Shumlin prepares to take office this week, a sampling of the challenges facing him will already have gathered at the Statehouse in Montpelier.

The Health Care Is a Human Right campaign is planning to stage a rally Wednesday, bringing together people from around the state to demand a single-payer health care system, the kind that Shumlin has said he supports.

BURLINGTON FREE PRESS/TIMES ARGUS/RUTLAND HERALD: "It's Time For A People's Movement" by James Haslam VWC Director/Lead Organizer

[Times Argus & Rutland Herald Published: December 26, 2010]

[shorter version in Burlington Free Press published January 2, 2011]

By James Haslam