ROAD TO DETROIT: "After the Earthquake: The Struggle to Transform Haiti"

Sugar Maple Ballroom
Davis Center
University of Vermont

This event is sponsored by the Will Miller Social Justice Lecture Series.

The democratic popular uprising that was unleashed with the Duvalier regime's fall in February 1986 has continued over the past 24 years despite dictatorships, coups and occupations aimed at containing it. The earthquake destroyed the Haitian state and now US imperialism, the Haitian bourgeoisie, and popular forces are scrambling to array their "alternatives" to fill the void.

HEALTH PROVIDERS SAY “VERMONT SHOULD LEAD THE WAY!”: Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign and Report on Relief Effort in Haiti

DSCF7212_0.JPGMONTPELIER – Over a hundred Vermont union nurses and other healthcare professionals held a press conference calling on Vermont to lead the way in establishing healthcare as a basic public good for all Vermonters at the Statehouse today. The event is part of a growing grassroots campaign called the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign, which is coordinated by the Vermont Workers’ Center. There was a live call from Haiti reporting on Vermonters disaster relief efforts as part of the press conference in addition to talking about healthcare in Vermont.

Fletcher Allen Nurses and Technical Professionals Respond to Crisis in Haiti: [WITH THEIR REPORT FROM HAITI]

fahchaiti2.jpgHAITI - Nurses and Technical Professionals at FAHC who are members of the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals, the union of 2000 members at FAHC, are organizing donations and groups of volunteers to go to Haiti in the coming days, weeks and months to help with the relief efforts.

VT UNION NURSES HOLD STATEHOUSE PRESS CONFERENCE:On Relief Effort in Haiti and Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign in Vermont


WHAT: Press Conference: Live Report from Nurses Haiti Relief Effort and Vermont nurses and health professionals stand up on for Healthcare Is A Human Right.

WHEN: 12noon, Friday, January 29th

WHERE: Cedar Creek Room, Statehouse, Montpelier