Justice For Healthcare Workers

Main Street Landing Benefit for Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign

APRIL 7: Screening of the new film "If Vermont Leads, the Nation Will Follow", a film about the Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign. There is also be a presentation from leaders of the Fletcher Allen nurses union on their ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, and a very special surprise guest. At the Film House at Main Street Landing sponsored by Main Street Landing on April 7th at 6:00pm, RSVP to bekah@workerscenter.org

SUPPORT BAN ON MANDATORY OVERTIME: Help Keep Patients and Healthcare Workers Safe

Any healthcare worker can tell you the truth about mandatory overtime: it is unsafe for their patients, and unsafe for themselves. We need to ensure that our health care workers are able to do their job to the best of their ability, which means keeping them healthy, and not forcing them to work grueling, extended shifts above the hard work they do every day.

Ban on Mandatory Overtime!


Take Action to Support Ban on Mandatory Overtime for healthcare Workers. Please contact Vermont House General Affairs members to tell to support H.268 - ban on mandatory overtime.

H.268/S.80 bans mandatory overtime, except in emergency situations, and recognizes the growing danger to patient safety posed by forced overtime practices. The bill applies to health care workers in hospitals and creates an exception for emergency situations.