Rally to Support Medicare and Social Security

What will the Super Committee Decide To Cut?
How Do They Impact Vermont?

If you’re under age 55, Congress has you in their sights!
You are the main target of the “Debt Deal’!
Families with seniors and individuals with disabilities should also speak up!

State House, Montpelier
Speakers include Governor Peter Shumlin

Vermont Alliance for Retired Americans
in partnership with Vermont AFL-CIO
For more information, call (802) 229-0850


Join us For Rallies with Senator Bernie Sanders!

HCHR Supporter If you haven't told us you're coming to support the human right to healthcare and economic justice at events held by Bernie Sanders, please contact us. For more information see workerscenter.org/calendar.

Last summer the corporate-backed "Tea Party movement" came to Vermont in an attempt to disrupt a series of Town Meetings held by US Senator Bernie Sanders on healthcare and the economy. But, the huge outpouring of support from Healthcare is a Human Right and Vermont Workers' Center supporters created a postitive tone and prevented opponents of real healthcare reform from disrupting and dominating these events. See stories from last year's town meetings in Rutland, Arlington and Peacham.

This year we must do it again! We are counting on you to come out to as many of these events as you can to show our visible support with red Healthcare is a Human Right t-shirts and signs. We can also take the time to talk to some of these Tea Party folks whose anger about taxes we feel is misplaced. We can talk about our anger about people making billions of dollars on our healthcare and about an economy that is set up to serve Wall Street and the heads of big banks and corporations. And we can talk about how we can organize to create change in our communities.

We'll be carpooling from all over the state and we need help tabling at these events! There will be free food at all of these events.

Contact kate@workerscenter.org (802) 825-8399 if you can come or if you want to help table.