US Social Forum 2010

Read about the Workers' Center's delegation to the <a href="">2010 US Social Forum</a> in Detroit, where two dozen VWC members joined up with 15,000 other grassroots organizers to declare that "Another World is Possible and Another U.S. Is Necessary!"

Another World is Possible

The US Social Form report back event at the Workers' Center on Thursday night had a huge turnout of over 50 people....those who actually attended the USSF in Detroit, Michigan June 21-26, and those who were not able to travel to Detroit but wanted to hear what it was all about from those who did. The Workers' Center contingent was joined by other local groups who went to the Forum (WILPF, GJEP Incinerator Project) to share their experiences of meeting with other activist groups from around the U.S.

"We need you to win in Vermont"

"We need you to win in Vermont," emphasized a healthcare provider from California at the Workers' Center's well-attended workshop at the US Social Forum this morning. Organized together with the International Worker Justice Campaign, our workshop explored the nuts and bolts of "Human Rights Campaigns to Build Power at the State Level: Healthcare and Workers' Rights."

VWC USSF Workshop

Why We Oppose Arizona's SB1070

For the past two years, most of the energy of the Vermont Workers' Center has been dedicated to the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign. Together with thousands of Vermonters, we have talked with our neighbors, shared our stories, educated our legislators, marched, rallied and sung, and we have done what few thought possible — moved Vermont to make a commitment to fundamental reform of our healthcare system, to reform that recognizes and respects the human right to health of each and every Vermonter.

"Road to Detroit" kicks off with two great musical events

At the end of March, we kicked off the "Road to Detroit" with two great musical events at the Workers' Center. On Sunday, March 21, Paul Baker Hernandez, a Carthusian hermit-turned-protest singer from Managua, Nicaragua, played movement music from all over the world, including several examples of the beautiful, passionate music of Víctor Jara, Chilean activist and musician tortured and murdered in the 1973 Kissinger/Pinochet coup.

Welcome to the "Road to Detroit" blog

Welcome to the Vermont Workers' Center's "Road to Detroit" blog as we prepare for (and attend) the US Social Forum in Detroit in June. The US Social Forum, which is expected to draw upwards of 20,000 folks from social movements throughout the country and internationally, is the next important step in our struggle to build a powerful multi-racial, multisectoral, inter-generational, diverse, inclusive, internationalist movement that transforms this country, and changes history.