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Safe staffing, quality patient care and fair treatment for all workers at UVM Medical Center

An overwhelming majority of LNAs, LDAs, Unit Secretaries and Mental Health Techs have decided to join together with nurses and technical professionals in the union at UVM Medical Center. They are an important part of the healthcare team and are essential to quality patient care.

Unfortunately, in the midst of a staffing crisis, the UVM Medical Center administration is continuing to deny their democratic right to organize and negotiate for safe patient staffing, improved wages, improved working conditions, and respect.

To the UVM Medical Center Administration:

Licensed Nursing Assistants, LDAs, Unit Secretaries and Mental Health Techs play a crucial role in providing quality patient care at the University of Vermont Medical Center and they deserve respect.

We, the undersigned, urge the UVM Medical Center Administration to immediately allow these patient care professionals to democratically decide for themselves about joining the union with their colleagues free from persuasion and intimidation, so that negotiations can begin to address the staffing crisis at the hospital.

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