Vermont Workers Rights Hotline

Hotline Poster

Since 1998, volunteers at the VWC have operated a VT Workers’ Rights Hotline — fielding nearly a call a day from those with questions about their workplace rights. We know firsthand the ways working people in Vermont are struggling with wage stagnation, precarious employment, unfair treatment on the job, and greater shares of their income going to meet their basic needs like healthcare, housing, and food.

If you have have an issue related to the Burlington Livable Wage Ordinance, call (866) 229-0009, email, or visit our website about the livable wage:

If you’d like to get involved with the Vermont Workers’ Center, have an issue related to healthcare, or have questions about organizing a union at your workplace, please call our main line at 802-861-4892 or email

Our volunteers are unable to return all other calls or emails at this time.

If you’re experiencing discrimination at your workplace, try calling the Vermont Attorney General’s office at (888) 745-9195.

If you’re experiencing issues related to your wages or hours, try calling the Vermont Department of Wage and Hour at (802) 828-0267.

If you are looking for legal support, try calling Vermont Legal Aid at (800) 889-2047.