Vermont Workers Rights Hotline

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Since 1998, volunteers at the VWC have operated a VT Workers’ Rights Hotline — fielding nearly a call a day from those with questions about their workplace rights. We know firsthand the ways working people in Vermont are struggling with wage stagnation, precarious employment, unfair treatment on the job, and greater shares of their income going to meet their basic needs like healthcare, housing, and food.

Have a problem at work? Call us at (866) 229-0009 or email

The VT Workers Rights Hotline connects people to or helps people navigate between agencies and resources to address their workplace problems — and, at times, our volunteers support callers through local solidarity and collective action. Volunteers also help people share their story to raise awareness about common workplace problems. We aim to empower workers with the knowledge, tools, and tactics necessary to achieve better working conditions and achieve dignity in their working lives.

If you have a problem at work, call the VT Workers' Rights Hotline toll-free at (866) 229-0009 or email

To volunteer or to schedule a "Know Your Rights" workshop in your community, send an email to

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